What it's like to work with me

I like to take a subtle background approach for most of the day for things like the ceremony, reception speeches, first look, first dance and so on. I like to offer my clients the opportunity to be as immersed in the special moments of their wedding as possible. I do take an active role in posing my couples during things like the cocktail hour and prep in unison with the photographer to catch those killer cinematic  shots my work is known for. I have a chill and laid back demeanor which I think helps bring out genuine reactions on your wedding day, despite there being a camera. 

I don't just film your wedding day, I act as a professional set director, story boarding your wedding film, following up with cool ideas, guiding you guys to create killer scenes, and helping with the days tasks whether this be moving your dress or coordinating with your wedding team to make the day run as smoothly as possible!


Step 1

Visit my site, watch some videos, read some of my offers and decide if the kind of videos I make are a good fit for you. I offer highly polished, professionally produced wedding highlights along with some other options. Submit a contact form and I will be in touch within 24 hours. That wasn't too hard!

Step 2

We will schedule an initial Zoom meeting so we can meet face to face and dive into further details about the wedding day, themes, what you hope to get out of your video, how you met, and much more! Although my style is pretty set in stone, I am more than willing to incorporate specific things into the film in a highly creative and unique way. If we are a good fit, I will send out a contract, invoice, and wedding day questionnaire that gives me a better understanding of the where's and when's, and who I will be meeting and working with. 

Step 3

I will follow up from the booking to the wedding day every so many months to ask if there are any questions you may have and to get updated on the finalized schedule as we are about a month away from the wedding. On the wedding day, I will apply all of my pre-planning and collaboration with the couple to build a film unique to them, where they are getting married, and why they are doing so. I will assist the bride, groom, and other vendors to make the wedding day as easy and coordinated as possible. After the wedding day, the couples should expect to see their finished services no later than 4 weeks to ensure speedy service and the release of a film while the excitement of the wedding day is still fresh.