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Art That Lives Forever

Owner of Gilded Heart Films Adrian. Cinematographer and wedding film maker

Adrian Fritzley

Hi! My name is Adrian and I am the owner/cinematographer of Gilded Heart Films. 

My Beliefs 

I believe the greatest luxury one can have is love. I believe that everyone needs their story told so they can cement their place in history. I believe every family needs a keepsake to pass down through the generations, and unlike photography, that is what wedding videography provides....living, breathing, remembrance. 

My Values

I am grounded in the love of my wife, friends, siblings, and parents. I am relentless in my quest for achievement. I am a dreamer and a thinker. I create the world I envision. 

Gilded Heart Films Core Values

We believe in quality, longevity, and reputation. We want to capture all of the best moments of your wedding day and present to the world the amazing people our clients are for generations to come!