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Adrian Fritzley






Welcome to a personalized experience

Hey, I'm Adrian! I'm a cat lover, gamer, film enthusiast, husband, and love filming weddings.

I really care about what I do. That is why I personally have a hand in the filming and creation of every film I book. I am a small personalized brand that does not contract my jobs out to contractors for a cheap price like some bigger studios are known to do.

This business model makes me as the owner personally responsible and accountable for the production of your wedding film and the quality of your wedding day. I only book a maximum of 40 weddings a year to ensure the best possible quality of your wedding films.

I take this approach because I care more about my clients experience than anything else. It is not about making the biggest dollar amount possible for me. 

My brand is also very proud to support diversity and everyone's right to marriage. That is why I proudly support LGBTQ+ weddings, and weddings of any culture or creed that may be interested in my services!


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